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2010 Lectures

Robert N McCauley (Emory), October 21, 2010 video
The Role of Maturationally Natural Cognition in Science and Religion

2013 Lectures

Laura Olson (Clemson), September 19, 2013 video
R & P in a New Key: The Politics of Religiously Progressive and Unaffiliated Americans

Shahzad Bashir (Stanford), January 17, 2013 audio
Ink and Blood: Producing the Past in Persianate Islamic Societies

Nicola Denzey Lewis (Brown), October 24, 2013 video
Lived Religion in the City of the Dead: Fourth-Century Christianity in the Roman Catacombs

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2014 Lectures

David Brakke (History), January 22, 2014 video
The First Early Christian Heretics?: Why the Church Did Not Reject Gnosticism

Susan Huntington (History of Art), February 26, 2014 video
Seeing the Divine: Understanding Hinduism Through Art

Tom Kasulis (Comparative Studies), March 19, 2014 video
Japanese Shinto: Nature, Nation, and Creativity

Dan Reff (Comparative Studies), September 17, 2014 video
Why Mexico and Not Japan: Jesuit Missionaries and Conversion to Christianity During the Sixteenth Century

Joshua Dubler (U. of Rochester), October 2, 2014 video
Prisoners, Religion, and the Cultural Logic of Mass Incarceration

Wendy Doniger (University of Chicago), December 3, 2014 audio
Skepticism and Materialism in Ancient India

Tom Kasulis (Comparative Studies), December 3, 2014 audio
Zen Buddhism as Creativity

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2015 Lectures

Isaac Weiner (Comparative Studies), January 21, 2015 audio
Evolution v. Creationism: A Short History

Peter van der Veer (Max Planck Institute, Göttingen), February 3, 2015 audio
Urban Religion in Asia: A Comparative Perspective

Sarah Iles Johnston (Classics), February 18, 2015 audio
There and Back Again: Constructing the Story World of Ancient Greek Myth

Navtej Purewal (University of London), February 26, 2015 audio
Religion Beyond the Iconic: Exploring the Shared Ownership of Nanak

John Bowen (Washington University in St. Louis), March 5, 2015 audio
How and Why Islamic Institutions Differ Across Western Europe

Hugh Urban (Comparative Studies), March 11, 2015 audio
New Religious Movements: Testing the Limits of 'Religion' in Contemporary America

Hannibal Hamlin (English), September 16, 2015 video
Exploding the Sacred-Secular Divide in English Renaissance Literature

Cynthia Hahn (Hunter College - CUNY), September 22, 2015 video
Seeking Fragments of the Divine: The Lure of Passion Relics, the Power of the Cross

Cynthia Burack (Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies), October 7, 2015 video
"The Persecuted Church" and LGBTQ Human Rights Abroad

Barbara Haeger (History of Art), December 9, 2015 video
In the Wake of Iconoclasm: Justifying the Use of the Images in Christian Worship

2016 Lectures

Katherine Borland (Comparative Studies), February 17, 2016 video
"Miracle Stories and Material Signs: Everyday Discourses on Belief"

Peter Gottschalk (Wesleyan University), March 3, 2016 video
"Sidestepping Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism: Resetting the Terms of Secular Description"

David Brakke (History), April 13, 2016 video
"The Gospel of Judas: Gnostic Truth and Apostolic Heresy in Early Christianity"

Timothy Renick (Georgia State University), Keynote Lecture, "The Critical Study of Religion and the Future of the Humanities" Conference, April 28, 2016 video
"Why Study Religion? Rethinking the Value of the Religious Studies Major"

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