Rita Trimble

Adjunct Instructor in Women’s and Gender Studies, Ohio Wesleyan University
Outside Faculty Affiliates

Dissertation: “Conceiving a “Natural Family” Order:  The World Congress of Families and Transnational Conservative Christian Politics”

Co-Advisors: Debra Moddelmog and Tanya Erzen
Committee: Hugh Urban, Mytheli Sreenivas (History/Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
Research: American Religions and Culture, Religion and Globalization, Theories of Citizenship and Human Rights, Biopolitics, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Feminist and Queer Theories
Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Sexuality Studies
Exam Areas: U.S. and Global Conservative Christianity: The Politics of Sex and Reproduction, Sexuality Studies, Histories and Theories of Citizenship in Relation to Marriage and Family
Collaborating Departments/Programs/Centers: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Center for the Study of Religion, Sexuality Studies Program, Diversity and Identity Studies Collective (DISCO)
Dr. Trimble is also currently an instructor at Ohio Wesleyan University.


  •   The intersection of family values rhetoric, religion and public policy