Lou Maraj

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English
Graduate Student Affiliates

Lou Maraj's scholarship lies at the intersections of rhetorical theory and history, digital media studies, critical race theory, and critical pedagogies. Specifically, his work focuses on notions of Blackness in academic spaces and centers Blackness in frameworks for antiracist agency. He also implements popular forms of digital media communication in social justice pedagogies. By shifting marginalized modes of reading and writing to the center of composition classrooms, his research seeks to create more inclusionary spaces for minority identities within education systems.

Maraj is the co-founder of Digital Black Lit (Literacies/Literatures) and Composition (http://dblac.org), a digital, inter-institutional network supporting the success of Black graduate students in fields related to English. He has worked extensively with Ohioan youth of color through OSU's Office of Diversity and Inclusion since 2014, taking on various teaching and administrative roles in their Upward Bound and Young Scholars Programs. He is an award-winning poet, whose work has appeared on the Academy of American Poets website and in several other print and online publications, most recently in Unsplendid, The Potomac Review, and Rock & Sling. He has also won awards for his teaching in OSU's Department of English and Office of Diversity and Inclusion.