Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Associate Professor, Department of Classics


328 University Hall
230 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

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  • Ph.D. University of Cambridge
Recent Articles and Books:
‘Platonizing Latin: Apuleius’ Phaedo’, in K. Volk and G. Edwards (eds) Roman Reflections: Essays on Latin Philosophy, Oxford University Press. 2015. 238-259.
‘Socrates 420’, in P. Chan, R. Fletcher and K. Marta (eds) Hippias Minor or The Art of Cunning. Badlands Unlimited and DESTE Foundation. 2015. 89-126.
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Review of Graverini, (L.) (2007) Metamorfosi di Apuleio: Letteratura e Identità . Ancient Narrative Vol. 8 (2009) (Available at:
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Review of Goff, (B.) (2005) (ed.) Classics and Colonialism. The Classical Review, 58.1 (2008) 296-297.


  • Roman literature and philosophy